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CLIENTS : Concorde Hotel & Resorts with Starwood Capital
PROGRAM : Design concept for Baccarat suite
APPOINTMENT : Interior Design - Concept

Supremacy of pure feeling
The Design Concept search take inspiration by with the 1918 Malevitch painting « White on white ».
This painting, for how abstract that could seems, it expresses at best our final goal which is to create a space that expresses and emphasize a condition of pure feeling and elegance. The design strategy of white on white calls for juxtapositions of same whites but expressed on different supports, materials, textures, different surfaces and different gloss values. Apparently even white will reveal hidden and surprising nuances according to lighting, reflections and angles of perception this offering elegant reliefs vibration unexpected depth.
The goal is to give to solid matters the same feeling and magic of Baccarat’s crystals.
At the same time there is no point in trying to imitate or reproduce the same irreplaceable light games and effects of Baccarat’s crystal but to search for a same kind of feeling on a matter, whether this is a wall a tapestry or flooring. The choice of the finishes and materials for the suite Baccarat will be a gathering of materials and decorations that will be able to materialize the supremacy of pure feeling.

Create intimacy
As an attempt to define, discretely and almost subliminally, an area of intimacy within the Baccarat suite a design proposal is oriented towards the insertion of « L » shaped cladding structures that could be placed vertically, in a wall-ceiling condition (inspired by a re-interpretation of the « lit à baldequin » but not necessarily placed over the bed), or horizontally , in a wall-wall condition, so to create an intimate corner or alcove. These cladding structures would be finished in broccato/damasco fabric.
The introduction of this « L » shaped cladding element will also increase the acoustic comfort and performances of the Suite Baccarat. These elements would be shop produced , therefore allowing best work conditions to perform a top quality finish, would be delivered on site ready to be mounted, representing an efficient way to reduce on site decoration works.
They could be appropriately cabled and wired so to receive a LCD screen, or any other state of the art digital device.

The lighting clearly participate to this concept since it will reveal and enhance the white-on-white effect.
Provided by the Baccarat’s lamps, these will be chosen in the catalogue coherently with the design of the suite that wants to be find in the tradition of the maison the seeds to project The Baccarat Feeling in a contemporary aura. Diffused, all-around, lighting should be avoided to prefer a more scenographic and punctual lighting.
The light sources should be identified within the suite to create a cosy, intimate mood and not an « efficiently » lit, anonymous room. An easy light control device should be offered.
Avoid symmetry in positioning lighting to create a dynamically lit space.
A proposal is made to have no chandeliers in the bedroom or living room but to prefer the bathroom to receive one of these beautiful pieces as a surprising and unexpected « signature ».

Starwood Capital with Concorde Hotels & Resorts

PLC Architectures

Pier Luigi Copat, Architect, principal  
Lorenzo Baracchi, Collaborator