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Architectural practice established in Paris since 1995, PLC Architectures concentrates on both architecture and interior design for corporate and prĂ­vate clients.

PLC Architectures embodies a design culture oriented towards consistent and continuous research both architectural and technological.

PLC Architectures implement a design methodology based on a constructive dialogue and exchange with the client but also with design consultants in order to give a specific and precise design answer to a given project program.

Either in architectural or interior design projects any design proposal, proceeding from both careful reading of the context and critical analysis of the program, is meant to establish unexpected and unpredictable relationships for better forms of living and working.

A-priori positions, either formal or functional, are suspended.

Design results from an open minded research whose reference points and irreplaceable milestones are elements as quality of space, proportions, light, matter, details, innovation and simplicity.